About Sales of Fine Area Rugs at Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Rugs

Price Policy

"Why doesn't Brandon have big "SALE" events like other rug stores and home decor stores?" 

Here's why:

  • We believe the practice of “starting high to sell lower” is dishonest. We don’t inflate "tag price" in order to advertise discount prices or percent-off sales. (After all, if the price on the tag is misleading, why would you believe any other statement made to you about a rug?) We also do not claim to offer “wholesale” or “direct import” prices. In fact, our prices are as good as, or better than, prices at stores and services that choose to make such claims. 
  • Value in a purchase is about quality, not discounts -- and truthfully, 70% OFF at one store doesn’t mean a better deal than 50% OFF at a different store, or 0% OFF the Quality Price at Brandon Rugs. Exaggerated claims of large discounts and limited time offers actually diminish value by removing the opportunity to make thoughtful decisions. We feel good about offering our customers a relaxed shopping experience free from pressure or an uncomfortable sense of urgency. 
  • Our policy is that price is based on quality; and comparisons of rug-to-rug or dealer-to-dealer should be based upon an understanding and appreciation of quality. 
  • Quality Pricing enables our customers to perform meaningful comparisons while shopping; and to purchase their rugs with confidence and real savings. We help to advance your understanding of the relative features, merits, and costs of different qualities so that your selections bring you maximum satisfaction and lasting value.
  • We guarantee that -- versus other resources -- when you purchase your rugs from Brandon Oriental Rugs you will get better quality for what you choose to spend, or spend less for the quality you want to acquire.
  • We don't promise the "LOWEST PRICE RUGS" because, frankly, there's a lot of low quality stuff out there we just won't sell (tufted, machine-made, synthetic fiber), but we do promise the "best overall values on better quality handmade area rugs."

It's not as “exciting” or urgent as a SALE, but you enjoy the benefits 

and assurance of our unwavering integrity and fairness regarding pricing.

An investment in fine handmade rugs is a quality choice that yields pride and pleasure throughout your lifetime. The experience of acquiring your rugs should be a pleasure also. To that end -- and to maximize value -- Brandon provides many complimentary services including delivery, in-home design consultations, measurements, and free rug-trials (you don’t have to buy a rug to see what it looks like in your home or office.) 

We also offer Rug-Search™, a proprietary system that enables us to locate the rugs you want within the currently available inventories of the rug importers, and make them available to you for your consideration. 

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